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Very short stories
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As a creative writing tutor, I frequently hear students complain that they can't squeeze plot and characterisation into 2000 words (and I grant you, some authors can't do it in a full-size novel, but I suspect they're not trying). I used to rebut this with two 50-word short stories of my own, but Wired has gone one better, publishing a collection of six-word science fiction short stories.

I wasn't invited to participate, alas, but here's my contribution: Climate Change Threat Exaggerated, say Tyrannosaurs.

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It's kind of irresistable, isn't it?

The world won't let me leave.

Death came looking, but we'd gone.

In the end, we evolved. Twice.

"This won't hurt," the marquis lied.

(Deleted comment)
Mr Samsa, meet Ms. Ellen Ripley.

Ideas are easy. Development is hard ;-)

Now everyone is a fucking writer.


So short even amateurs can play!

Back in your box, ungrateful whelp :)

"Let There Be Thgil" said Dog.

a lot of those did not, i think, count as stories; no change in the characters. many of them also relied on outside knowledge. i'd like to see what one can do without allusion and with a plot as such.

i think m. atwood's longed for him. got him. shit. is my favorite, in this regard.

It's a pretty good one, that one.

Our Guest of Honour: Matthew Reilly.

Just for the Swancon 07 guys :)))))))

Computer wins Turing Test, Booker Prize.

Helen Darville Demidenko wins Turing Test :)

And seeing we're supposed to be constructing complete fantasies:

Greg Egan novel contains believable characters.

I can top that:

Jerry Pournelle creates believable female character.

Robert Jordan actually finishes story.

(Besides, I liked the characterisation in Distress and An Unusual Angle)

Jerry Pournelle shuts the fuck up? :))))

Harlan Ellison apologises to traunmatised breast.

Dan Brown killed by irate Pope!

okay, so we're heading into headline territiory, but this is fun :)

...bcholmes LJ. Mine would be:
Neo's reality was not to be.

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