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The program for GenCon Oz is now online. I will be participating in the following events:

Thursday 3rd:

'Building a Better Fight Scene', with Robin Laws, Adam Windsor and Simon Higgins; 4 pm.

'Australian Author Showcase: Horror and Sf' with David Carroll and Kyla Ward; 6 pm

Friday 4th:

'Nasty, Brutish and Short', with David Carroll and Kyla Ward; 11 am.

'Someone Else's Playground: Gaming and Fiction' with Marianne de Pierres, David Carroll and Kyla Ward; 1 pm.

Saturday 5th:

'Can Rolling Dice Really Scare You?', with David Carroll and Kyla Ward; 3 pm.

'Living in Dark and Dangerous Futures', with Marianne de Pierres and David Carroll; 4 pm.

Sunday 6th:

'Movies Worth Stealing From', with Robin Laws; 3 pm.

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Seriously, have fun out there, and tell everyone I said hello. Thanks to the new job, I simply can't get out there even if I had a reason other than to play "idiot little brother" when you're doing readings. Sorry: next time, maybe?

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