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1800 words on 'Champion' (now tentatively titled 'The Veteran's Tale') - which makes the story nearly 2000 words longer than I'd originally planned. But only one more scene left to write. Okay, maybe two.

Looking forward to 'The Worst Jobs in History' tonight. Particularly interested to see what they list when they get to the 20th century. I'm not sure whether my personal worst was working for Social Security, or that stint as an experimental subject that nearly put me off watching porn.

And speaking of porn, I have absolutely no intention of watching 'The Path to 9/11'.

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ISP Help desk. Definitely.

Personal worst was the user shouting out to his mate in the other room on the computer.

"The space bar. Press the space bar"\
"The SPACE bar!"
"The Sp... The big long one at the bottom of the keyboard."

At which point I took the cowards way out and asked them to reboot and call back.

I was already the third person to talk to them.

(We did, however, also have a user who decided they could get on the net using only a touch telephone, a typewriter and a colour telly. That took a LONG time to work out WHY nothing seemed to work right. Thankfully I avoided that user.)

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