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It's the End of the (Fringe) World As We Know It...

I didn't get to the Fringe World Awards because I was volunteering at another venue at the time, which is also the reason I saw almost none of the shows that won said awards (I did see the first few minutes of Yummy Deluxe at the end of a shift, but bailed because of the stage smoke). I'm particularly sorry to have missed multiple award winner YUCK Circus, which other volunteers enthused about, as well as Orpheus, which also received great reviews. But I did see 36 other shows, only one of which I regret (and which I'd regret even more if I'd paid), so here are my personal 2019 Fringe World Awards.

Best Experience Overall: A Midnight Visit
Cabaret Award: La Soiree 2019
Circus Award: La Soiree 2019
Comedy Award: Kate Smurthwaite
Theatre Award: Woman of the Hour
Children's Event Award: 450 Years
Best Male Comedian: Martin Mor Is Blocked
Best Magic Act: Kevin Quantum: Vanishing Point
Best Surprise: Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale's Feelgood Factory (I've never seen a hypnotist show before, and enjoyed it more than I expected)

Other shows good enough that I'm hoping to see the performers' back again next year: Baby Got Back: Size Queens; Captain Spaceship: Maiden Voyage; Trash Test Dummies; Dr Felicity Rickshaw's Celebrity Sex Party; Scotland!; SPIT and Elizabeth Davie - Super Woman Money Program.
Tags: comedy, fringeworld, poe, theatre

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