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by chaosmanor, Bathrobe

Ok, time for me to get serious about self-publishing some e-books.

I need a cover for my crime novel Immunity: thinking of a photo of a petri dish (probably with a germ culture) on a black background with some handgun ammunition (9mm parabellum, by preference). Anyone able to help, please let me know, and we can talk payment.

Also, I'm thinking of compiling a collection of my short stories - mostly reprints of my sf and fantasy, with a few horror stories that I've written since my collection Never Seen by Waking Eyes was published, and a couple of new works. That comes to 42 pieces and 193k words, so I may split it into two volumes. Working title is Mass, Strangeness, Charm and Spin. I'll post a list of the stories shortly, and am interested any feedback on how to organize them.