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Trip Report: Japanorama
groove, by martinlivings

Hiroshima Peace Park

 photo IMG_0867_zpskccox81k.jpg

 photo IMG_0847_zpsth8n6gzc.jpg

 photo IMG_0848_zpswhxg8vbd.jpg

 photo IMG_0797_zpsmh6lrp8w.jpg

 photo IMG_0846_zps2mgpdxvy.jpg

 photo IMG_0788_zpslcwzk0yn.jpg

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum: Pocket Watch, stopped at the instant of the blast

 photo IMG_0776_zpszwke49i8.jpg

Wall streaked with black rain

 photo IMG_0782_zps2zsc1es0.jpg

Against nuclear weapons, the gods themselves contend in vain

 photo IMG_0780_zpsvefzuouz.jpg

 photo IMG_0781_zpsll15ite6.jpg

A eucalyptus tree in Hiroshima Castle. It survived the a-bomb blast, even though the castle didn't. We Australian natives are pretty tough.

 photo IMG_0798_zpsi8wpi7db.jpg

 photo IMG_0799_zpss0oe1hke.jpg

Himeji Castle

 photo IMG_0839_zpsmv8q0biw.jpg

 photo IMG_0840_zps4sdterrk.jpg

Unspeakable Horror

 photo IMG_0805_zpsd2xf8qsh.jpg


 photo IMG_0859_zps9jlr9dai.jpg

 photo IMG_0860_zpsckfr91yx.jpg

Five-storey sex shop, Akihabara

 photo 59e4df80-26bc-431b-97a0-b850771f5777_zpsjqcfv9qi.jpg

 photo IMG_0869_zps8e4fuq7v.jpg

Darth Vader as Samurai

 photo IMG_0871_zpsbk7a3u0s.jpg

Harajuku. The top two are boutiques, but I have no idea what sort of business 'Sadistic Action' might be.

 photo IMG_0875_zpswuw8wdue.jpg

 photo IMG_0879_zpsmynohd9r.jpg

 photo IMG_0876_zpslsc4silr.jpg