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SFTV 101
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SFTV 101: 1952 to 1980

For anyone interested in the history of science fiction, fantasy and horror on television, here is a list of episodes recommended as an introduction to the most significant series of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Feel free to use it to plan a video stream at an sf convention, a class on science fiction, or just a marathon to satisfy your own curiosity.

Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century

The Twilight Zone: ‘The Monsters are Due on Maple Street’, ‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’, ‘To Serve Man’.

Doctor Who: ‘The Pilot’ *

The Outer Limits: ‘The Zanti Misfits’

Jonny Quest: ‘The Robot Spy’

The Addams Family: ‘The Addams Family meets a Beatnik’

Lost in Space: ‘Island in the Sky’

Star Trek: ‘Balance of Terror’, ‘Errand of Mercy’

The Avengers: ‘Return of the Cybernauts’

The Prisoner: ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’, ‘Hammer Into Anvil’

Doomwatch: ‘The Plastic Eater’

The Night Gallery: Pilot episode

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: ‘The Heart of New York’

Star Trek: The Animated Series: ‘Yesteryear’

UFO: ‘A Question of Priorities’

Kolchak, The Night Stalker: ‘Horror in the Heights’

Land of the Lost: ‘The Stranger’

The Six Million Dollar Man: ‘The Last Kamikaze’

The Survivors: ‘Law and Order’

Wonder Woman: ‘Spaced Out’

The Tomorrow People: ‘Hitler’s Last Secret’

Planet of the Apes: ‘The Trap’

Sapphire and Steel: ‘Assignment 1’, episode 1

The Incredible Hulk: ‘Married’

Battlestar Galactica: ‘Saga of a Star World’

The Omega Factor: ‘Visitations’

Salvage (pilot)

Blake’s 7: ‘Orac’

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