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Deja vu all over again...
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This morning, after returning the masquerade equipment for Swancon XXX, the convenor, aka my wife chaosmanor, went to Royal Perth Hospital for a transfusion and was promptly ordered to re-admit herself, her chest infection not having subsided.

For updates, watch this space. Some reviews of the con (with photos to follow, I hope) may be found on my Friends list.

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Please get well real soon ChaosManor...

Please pass on my and Anysia's regards and wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all of your and the committee's extensive efforts for Swancon 30.

You con organisers really give your all, don't you? :(

Speedy recovery vibes heading Elaine's way as we, er, type!

Wishing you both all the best! Hope she is out and about really soon!

*fingers crossed* Hope she recovers soon, this must be very stressful for you both.

Ahhhh, crap. That's just awful. Give Elaine our love: Lyn and I are thinking of you both. As usual, anything we can do...

Difficult to answer, unfortunately. Until her last visit, Elaine had managed to stay out of hospital for more than 2 years. Her last major assessment concluded that she was stable, her immune functions neither improving nor declining... but this meant that she would still be prone to chest infections, and this latest one clobbered her. One problem is that she has a zoo of bugs (to quote her doctors) in her lungs, including bathroom mould and multi-resistant strains of some nasty diseases, and it's hard to be sure which one should be treated at any given time, and how. The mould, for example, may have helped beat the TB that has so badly scarred her lungs; the gentomycin she was given to tackle one infection caused 8th cranial nerve damage; and no-one seems sure whether the transfusions of immune factors she receives every 3 weeks should be made more frequent, though the current regime has certainly helped keep her out of hospital in the past. I wish I knew, but I don't.

I realize that I can't do much over here, but if you need anything, please let me know.

Best wishes to Elaine, the con convenor who keeps on giving.

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