Stephen Dedman (stephen_dedman) wrote,
Stephen Dedman

ConSensual a Trois

has just gone to the printers and will be launched on Saturday night at Swancon.

This volume features 'meaty erotic' stories and poetry by Bron Bateman, Cathy Cupitt, Claire McKenna, Deborah Biancotti, Edwina Harvey, Elaine Kemp, Emma Hawkes, John Parker, Lee Battersby, Lily Chrywenstrom, Sarah Parker, Sean Williams, Stephen Dedman, Sue Isle & Helen Patrice, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Trevor Wilson, with a cover by Cat Sparks and interior artwork by Elaine Kemp. Edited by myself, chaosmanor and cupidsbow.

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May Queens and Devils
Her Hands Upon My Skin
Stranger to the Ground
Sweetest Perfection
Ad Jingle
five scenes of Bohemian life
Bathroom sub
New Friends and Stranger Companies
Lie Back and Think of the Republic
Opposites Attract
Love Me Electric

Authors: Bron Bateman, Lee Battersby, Deborah Biancotti, Lily Chrywenstrom, Cathy Cupitt, Stephen Dedman, Edwina Harvey, Emma Hawkes, Sue Isle & Helen Patrice, Elaine Kemp, Claire McKenna, John Parker, Sarah Parker, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Sean Williams, and Trevor Wilson

It's $9Aus plus postage from myself or either of the other editors. The original ConSensual has sold its entire print run, but copies of ConSensual: The Second Coming are still available from the editors for $9 plus postage.

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Carnal NeonNova
No Gerbils, No Minors, No Violence
The Gift
The Truth is in Here
Tamari's Lover
Last Night's Pictures
Roswell 14
Zinc of Me

Authors: Claire McKenna, Danielle J. Linder, David Cake, Edwina Harvey, Elaine Kemp, Grant Watson, Helen Patrice, Lee Battersby, Max Blaxall and Cat Sparks, Richard Harland, Robert Hood, Scot Snow, and Stephen Dedman

All profits go to Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation and the Immunodeficiency Foundation.

We are not yet reading for ConSensual: Four on the Floor.

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