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New Story!
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My short story 'Teeth' is now online at Clarkesworld Magazine!

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That's fantastic Stephen. I don't normally like reading fiction online, but I couldn't stop reading Teeth.

Very nice. Very Poe! Doubts and bluffs and a niggling conscience.

loved it. great story

though on a technical matter: would the props department really make a functioning crematorium on a sound stage? To be sure, it would look like one, and would have some burners for effect. Not that it really matters.

I'm not sure about a crematorium, but film-makers frequently find it cheaper to buy or hire the real thing second-hand than to fake it. The Batmobile in Tim Burton's Batman, for example, was fitted with real machine-guns.

putting it that way, you may well be right

Hey, I met Elaine last night!

Yes, she told me. Hope you had as much fun at Mardi Gras as she did!

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