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It's all fabulous.

(I was just talking about you and Brutarian yesterday, strangely enough)

Brutarian's still going strong? Cool: with the death of our last indie magazine store about four years ago, I don't have any way to keep up with gonzo magazines any more, and Dom Salemi is a hoot to work for.

...persistance does pay off! You are certainly prolific. :-)

Looking for the Technocromicon Novel

Hi Stephen,

I am currently a CW PhD candidate at Griffith Uni and I am looking into popular fiction (particularly Science Fiction) as part of a survey of CW PhDs/DCAs in Australia. Are you the same Stephen Dedman who wrote 'The Weapon Shop': The Relationship between American Science Fiction and the US Military and Technocromicon for a PhD at University of Western Australia?

I part of my research is to see how often PhDs or parts of PhDs in CW are published. Did you have Technocromicon published under a different title?

I'd love to hear from you.

Many Thanks

Re: Looking for the Technocromicon Novel

Hi. Yes, I am that Stephen Dedman. Techronomicon is currently with my agent, and my exegesis is currently with an academic publisher.

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